Nondues revenue for Associations

Explore new opportunities for generating nondues revenue by shifting from one-time transactions to long-term partnerships. Uncover untapped possibilities and maximize returns on your effort and investments through enduring collaborations.

To help chart a new earning path for your association, we collaborate, looking outward and inward to explore your specific market and potential as well as examine past practices and prior performance.

With decades of experience, deep expertise, and an impressive network of potential partners for your association, BJA Solutions for Associations is ready to grow your revenue streams while staying close to your organization’s values and culture.

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About Barbara

Barbara brings decades of publishing, marketing, and association experience to her consulting practice. She initially learned the value of associations and their members as a direct marketer who bought access to association members for her clients.

Her career path took her first into association leadership positions and more recently into consulting roles helping organizations to leverage access to their membership and grow their nondues revenue streams.

Does nondues revenue make sense for your association?

Most associations need sustainable, unrestricted dollars to invest in market research, industry trend reports, or government relations.

Many corporate partners see opportunities for initiatives with associations that have aligned values. Those corporate dollars can help your association achieve your goals and mission.

Let’s work together to find your matching partner!

& Values

We know that culture and values are key in matching the right corporate partners.  When they’re in alignment, it’s a win-win-win for your members, the association staff, and your corporate partner.

BJA Solutions for Associations is a small, woman-owned consulting service that is fiercely focused on delivering personal, customized solutions and the best matches for professional societies and trade associations.

Our Services

All services keep a firm focus on the association’s mission, values, and culture. Because culture eats strategy for breakfast (thank you, Peter Drucker), BJA Solutions also offers coaching for in-house staff to help deliver stronger revenue performances without increasing workload.

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Ideal for an association that is just beginning to explore nondues revenue. We’ll collaborate to take either your first steps to diversify revenue or to find new, unrestricted funds for essential operations and other needs.


Your association has already done a first (or second round) of nondues revenue implementation but you’re sure you can do more or be more efficient with your current tactics.


If your association has consistent nondues revenue foundations and pillars already in place, you might be a good candidate for our Capstone program. We’ll take you from stagnancy to growth and help your program achieve its full value.

“When your organization needs additional revenue but you are feeling stuck and not sure where to look or what to do to drive revenue growth, just talk to Barbara.”

~ Vinay Kumar

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