About BJA Solutions

BJA Solutions for Associations is a small, woman-owned consulting service that is fiercely focused on delivering personal, customized solutions to professional societies and trade associations.

Founder, and former pony rider, Barbara J. Armentrout, brings decades of publishing, marketing, and association experience to her consulting practice. With a background as a direct marketer, Barbara understands the value of associations and their membership firsthand. She knows how to foster strong relationships that not only generate revenue but also uphold the integrity and values of all parties involved.

Barbara has been everywhere. She has held leadership positions within associations and has provided consulting services to organizations seeking to maximize their membership benefits and nondues revenue streams. Her expertise and insights have helped numerous associations thrive and grow.

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Why Choose BJA?

Connections & Community

Barbara is a born connector. She’s been on both sides of the Associations industry’s nondues revenue tactics and has a honed intuition on how to match her clients to ideal partners. 

Expertise & Experience

With decades of experience and expertise, Barbara has learned what works and what doesn’t for Associations looking to build their nondues revenue. 

Tech Savvy

Barbara learned during her marketing and membership days that success requires good data, constant learning, and great contacts. She is active with AWTC and ASAE’s Technology Professionals Advisory Council.

Coaching Services

Sometimes a good internal sales team simply needs some different coaching to achieve a larger potential, and BJA Solutions can help with that, too. 


Training & Workshops

BJA Solutions is available to facilitate or lead training or workshop sessions on the partnership versus transactional philosophy and how to develop better relationships with sponsors and supporters.


Quick Response Time

When you reach out to BJA Solutions, you’ll hear back quickly and usually in less than 36 hours. If you experience a delay in response, you’ll get an extra 30 minutes of free consultation to start.  

Recent Webinars

See Barbara in action in this recent webinar hosted by EVA, Event Tech Hub.

Barbara’s Recent Webinars

UST Education Session w/ QiqoChat


“Barbara excels at outreach and business development. Her attention to detail and the well-being of clients is exceptional. To use the vernacular, Barbara is a “straight shooter” who is results-oriented.”

~ Don Elder

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